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Windows - Design

Windows Driver Development

Joya Systems years of experience in the inner most workings of the Windows kernel delivers elegant solutions to complex problems.

Windows Driver Model

Getting PnP and power management in a WDM driver is anything but simple. Let Joya Systems inside knowledge help handle this trying task.

NDIS Lightweight Filters

Let us ease the transition of your legacy TDI and NDIS IM networking drivers to NDIS lightweight filters or WFP for stream or packet inspection.

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OS X - Development

File System Filters

Whether is encryption, compression, or namespace manipulation, we've done it all when it comes to interacting with OS file systems.

Networking Drivers

Redirect, inspect packets, or analyze network data streams. Our interception and filtering specialists can let your team focus on its core business logic.

Storage Miniport Drivers

Volume managers, storport drivers, encryption block filters, and hierarchical storage solutions are just some of the products we've worked on.

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Linux - Debugging

HID Driver Developement

Whether its a virtual HID driver, a USB HID driver, or a hid over I2C touch driver we can provide guidance and help.

KMDF Drivers

KMDF is the latest framework for creating a rich array of windows device drivers. We are at the cutting edge of this transition and ready to help.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes the bug isn't yours. Let our reverse engineering skills help you understand why your software struggles in certain environments.

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Experience Matters

What our customers say about us?

These guys are TDI rock stars! I have nothing but wonderful things to say. We were in a bind and they came through with flying colors.

Drew Berkemyer
Chief Architect,

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