Past Driver Development Projects

Experience through practice.

Past Projects that we've engaged in include:

File System Filter Drivers and Storage Drivers

  • File system filters for file stream inspection and modification.
  • Storage drivers (storport and port) for solid state and virtual drives.
  • On-the-fly file encryption solution.
  • An on-demand SSL/VPN product.

Linux Driver Development

  • File System interception and modification
  • Application execution modification
  • Block storage interception and modification

Windows Driver Model, KMDF, and WDF Drivers

  • Storage Port Driver (i.e. miniport and port driver combined) for a virtual storage and volume manager product
  • USB data collection device driver
  • Virtual Bus Driver for a multifunction storage and networking device

OS X Driver Development

  • File System interception
  • Whitelisting application execution
  • Network packet inspection

Networking NDIS Drivers, TDI and Windows Filtering Platform Drivers

  • Various TDI and WFP filters for network stream inspection and modification.
  • A NDIS miniport with Microsoft chimney offload for a high performance TOE adapter.
  • Power management solution for custom suspend-to-disk support.
  • Winsock direct solution for high performance interconnects.
  • NDIS lightweight filter driver for TCP/IP acceleration and optimization
  • WAN acceleration client for CIFS, HTTP, MAPI protocols.

Management, API Hooking, and Security Software

  • Application hardening solution to prevent software pirating.
  • Zero hour anti-malware engine that blocks keyloggers/framegrabbers.
  • User/kernel mode API interception solutions.
  • WMI Provider implementation for BMC and clustered storage device
  • Extending/modifying external applications and the operating system itself (without access to the source code).

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